Vancouver Adventure

Build your own igloo in Vancouver’s spectacular mountain paradise!

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“We had nearly 4 weeks in Canada on our holiday, and all 4 of our kids declared that the Igloo Building adventure was a highlight of their trip. It was definitely a highlight for my husband and me too” –   Tracie Deans and family, Australia

Recently featured across the UK on the BBC’s George Clarke’s AMAZING SPACES ‘Snow Special’, this fun day trip igloo experience takes place in the beautiful Coast Mountain Range, just a short drive from Vancouver.

In the mountain parking area you will meet your igloo instructors, who will fit you into your snowshoes, and then guide you a short way onto the mountain where you will build your igloo.  Once at your mountainside location, you will listen and learn how to build an igloo.  Once you know what you are going to do, igloo building begins and your instructor works with you so that you build and we help. This incredible process takes about two to three hours, at which time you will have built your beautiful igloo.  Once built, its time to enjoy some snacks and a warm drink while passing skiers stop to admire your fine craft.


A once in a lifetime iconic Canadian experience!

Pricing: 500.00 per person + GST

See our story in the Washington Post and on CNN.

How to Build an Igloo by Douglas WilkinsonNational Film Board of Canada

Photo credits:  Igloo shots – Michael Harding :  Sasquatch – Geordie Goodman.

“We had a total blast!  It was so beautiful! The four of us had a great time, everything was perfect!”

– Jamie Michaelica – Vancouver.