Adventure 1:  Day trip Igloo building fun for the whole family

Inside igloo familyWe collect you in Whistler and take you to the beautiful igloo site trailhead where you step into your snowshoes for a short wander through a snow covered wonderland.  There, while you enjoy hot soup, your friendly instructors show you how to build an igloo. Then the magic happens as you build your own wonderful igloo – one of the most ancient and beautiful architectural forms.  Experience the incredible blue light inside your crystalline palace as the sunshines through its walls.This is a truly fun adventure for everyone!  Join us for an experience you won’t forget!!

Price: $1100 USD + GST per person. Two person minimum – BOOK NOW!

“We had nearly 4 weeks in Canada on our holiday, and all 4 of our kids declared that the Igloo Building adventure was a highlight of their trip. It was definitely a highlight for my husband and me too” – Tracie Deans and family, Australia

Adventure 2:  Day trip Igloo building and dog-sledding adventure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom Whistler Village you are taken to the dog sled site where you meet your friendly mushers and cuddly sled dogs. Snuggle into your sled and off you go on a whirlwind ride though pristine snow valleys.  At the end of that wonderful experience, you meet your igloo team and we show you how to build your own igloo.  There, in a pristine snow meadow you learn how to , and actually build, your very own igloo.  Sculpting the snow blocks and building this ancient structure will truly inspire you.  And when its completed you get to experience the magic of its blue light interior. This experience is really fun, and one which you will treasure for a lifetime. Once built, enjoy some hot soup while you enjoy your fantastic handiwork!

Price: $1300 USD + GST per person. Two person minimum – BOOK NOW!

Adventure 3: Day trip Igloo building and snowmobiling adventure

Geordie in iglooYour are collected in Whistler Village and taken to the snowmobile cabin in the beautiful Callaghan Valley. There you meet your snowmobile guide and off you go through Whistler’s glorious rugged snow terrain to a high elevation with spectacular views  At the end of that invigorating and thrilling experience, you meet your igloo team and we show you how to build your own igloo.  There is a pristine snow meadow you build your own igloo using the ancient process handed down to us by the Innuit.  Each block carved by hand into a magical home.This is a truly inspiring experience and is also hugely fun. An experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Once built, enjoy some hot soup while you enjoy your fantastic handiwork! And then its a whirlwind ride back to the snowmobile site and off the Whistler. What a fantastic experience – one you will never forget.

Price: $2,000 USD + GST per person.  Two person minimum – BOOK NOW!

ADVENTURE 4:  Whistler Spectacular!

Enjoy the exclusive privilege of skiing with superstar Olympic ski-cross Champion Ashleigh McIvor, Dogsled across a pristine silent snow landscape, jump into a snowcat or ski-do to your private spectacular mountaintop log cabin with 360 views of snowcapped mountain ranges, dine on a gourmet feast of British Columbia’s most succulent foods prepared by your private chefs, and sleep in the comfort of the log cabin. After a hearty breakfast, step into your snowshoes and explore the mountaintop, learn how to, and them build, your own igloo, dine like kings and then sleep in your beautiful snow home surrounded by sheepskins and candlelight !tv-week-bcs-10_0

We are thrilled Olympic gold medallist in SkiCross Ashleigh MacIvor has joined us as the exclusive Westcoast Adventures ski guide.  Ashleigh is the Olympic Champion and Gold Medallist in SkiCross – an inspiring Canadian who beat the world in one of the world’s most gruelling sports imaginable.

This two night three day adventure in Canada’s winter wonderland begins when we collect you at your hotel and deliver you to the trailhead where you will meet your Dogsled Mushers  and their friendly dogsled team.  Then snuggle into your sled with a blanket and enjoy a spectacular sled ride through pristine sparkling snow terrain.  You also have the option to mush your own sled. After this fantastic ride, you are delivered to the base camp where you meet meet Olympic Champion Ashleigh McIvor and your snowcat crew or, if you prefer, your snowmobile guide. Then its an invigorating ride up to the mountaintop with Ashleigh where you have a 360 degree view of mountain peaks. Here Ashleigh will provide you with a truly gold medal day of the finest Alpine skiing with the worlds finest ski cross skier in unmatchable Alpine terrain.

Log cabin.JPG

After skiing you enter your private spectacular log cabin where you enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner served by private chefs and you spend the night. After a hearty mountain breakfast you are taken on a snowshoe walk around this mountain paradise. Then, while you enjoy a packed lunch, your igloo instructors show you how to build your own igloo, and then you build it. A gourmet dinner is served in your snow kitchen surrounded by starlight, and then you sleep in your own cosy igloo surrounded by luxurious sheepskins and candlelight. You awaken to see the sun shining through your igloo dome, and after breakfast travel back down the mountain as you say a happy farewell to this magic world and its back to your hotel.

Pricing: $15,000 USD + GST, for two –  BOOK NOW!

Building and sleeping in an igloo is a thrilling, inspiring and unforgettable experience – the memory of a lifetime!

Waking to the dawn light illuminating the inside of an igloo is a moment of Euphoria. The coolest hotel in the world
“Building an igloo with Westcoast Adventures”: British Airways Inflight Magazine, January 2002 – John Lee

Photo credits: Cabin and snowmobile shots – Blake Jorgenson : Igloo shot- Michael Harding: Lodge shots – Callaghan Country