Adventure 1: Helicopter Tour

Helicopter to ancient Glaciers and fly to a secret desert island for dinner amid the glorious Pacific


Visit ancient glaciers in a private helicopter then dive down to a remote ‘secret’ island where dinner is served on the white sand beach. Wander like Robinson Crusoe as you sip champagne absorbing the magic.

Starting at sea level, your private helicopter will cruise up to the peaks of Mt. Ursus, with breathtaking views of Clayoquot Sound and the wide open Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.  See ancient glaciers from the air and discover deep inlets carpeted with old growth rainforest, as you fly toward the glacial peaks of Strathcona Park. Then step out into the snow and bask in the surprising warmth of this spectacular alpine location.

These Glaciers are at least 10 000 years old and were borne 80 000 years ago at the beginning of the ice age. After viewing the glaciers from an altitude of 5500 feet you head down towards the coast with an eagle’s eye view of the spectacular coastline and a chance to see whales from above – a truly unforgettable experience.

In the distance see a desert island gem, a small secret island, surrounded by white sands and,  down you go, landing on the pristine remote beach.  As the helicopter leaves, we serve you a delicious dinner, on beach blankets with pillows, and leave you for a while to lie back and enjoy a view of this remote, magnificent and magical place few people on earth have ever seen.

After a while, the helicopter returns and you journey back to the village of Tofino across the ocean, keeping an eye out for sea lions and bears.

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Adventure 2: Ocean Harvest

Tofino’s historic waters and harvest the abundance of the sea. Meet a native diver who dives for scallops for you. Enjoy your days catch in a gourmet feast prepared for you at a remote and beautiful bay.


The night before your Ocean Harvest trip, the Westcoast crew go out on a boat and put down shrimp nets and crab traps ready for your ocean adventure. In the morning, step into a sturdy fishing boat, leave Tofino Harbour and head for the waters of Bedwell sound where Captain Cook and Cortez once roamed. There you pull up crab traps and shrimp nets, and fish for wild salmon and halibut with expert guidance from the skipper. Here you will be joined by a native diver who joins you in his boat, and who will dive for sea urchins and scallops for you to taste, and share with you his wide knowledge of the abundance of life underwater.  While hearing the skipper’s tales of this wild coast, you head to a remote dock in a beautiful bay at the top of the Sound, where we will prepare a feast for you of the sea-life you have harvested that day. Amid this world of natural beauty, enjoy the tastes and abundance of the ocean complimented by fine wines and delicious salads and a tasty dessert. Look around you and enjoy this silent and wondrous place. As you journey back to Tofino sipping champagne see eagles and bears as they too have been harvesting for their food.

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Adventure 3: Kayak Safari

Take a wild life safari followed by a remote kayaking adventure at Shelter Bay with a gourmet beach feast.


This inspiring trip takes you out onto the big Pacific first where you journey amid sea lions, seals and whales with an abundance of sea-birds sand then on to a spectacular remote bay where a skiff will have delivered your private kayak guide and your kayaks to the middle of the bay. There in the middle of the bay you will be helped to step out of the boat right into your kayaks. The guide will then take you for a paddle to explore this deserted, wild, beautiful place, sharing with you their knowledge of the coastal waters and small islands you see around you. When you wish to have lunch, just say, and the skiff will deliver your food to any location you see that you like. Here we will set up your feast, made up of a palette of coastal delicacies and fine wines, and we leave you for a while so you can enjoy the pristine beauty of this quiet oasis. After lunch the skiff will pick you up at the beach and take you to the boat which will return you to Tofino at a leisurely pace enjoying a different scenic route back to port.

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Adventure 4: Meares Island Experience

Paddle a First Nations Cedar Canoe with a native guide to the Meares Island World Heritage Site, for a guided hike with a First Nations guide, amid 1000 year old trees.


Go back in time to when this entire region was inhabited only by the First Nations people of the Tla–o–qui–Aht Nation. Paddle in a traditional handcrafted First Nations dug-out cedar canoe, with a your private Nuuchahnulth guide and support paddlers, to the World Heritage Site of Meares Island. This sturdy traditional form of transportation has been the main way of getting around on the west coast of Vancouver Island for many thousands of years, and this adventure will give you a unique opportunity to not only experience, but to hear about local indigenous history, traditional ways of life, changes through time, and Nuu chah nulth stories directly from your First Nations guide who will share traditional song and stories of their people.

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Adventure 5: Magical Mystery Tour

Journey to a magical floating island.  Dine with one of the last pioneer families on the coast.


Step into the comfort of your private motor yacht and meet your expert skipper. Journey through the historic Tofino waters to a truly magical place.

Catherine and Wayne Adams floating world is an array of unique and colourful buildings that will unleash your imagination. A relaxing boat trip through through the calm waters of Bedwell Sound, named after Royal Navy Staff Commander Edward Parker Bedwell in the late 19th century, takes you past spectacular natural scenery, and gently brings you to the entrance of Freedom Cove.

You will see this totally unique, vibrant artistic world floating in the bay, and your charming hosts, Wayne and Catherine will be on the dock to welcome you. Truly one of the last pioneer families on the coast.

Step onto the dock and into an enchanted world of living art, moving sculpture, gardens, walkways and unique ‘Hobbit’ buildings complete with a Lighthouse shower!

Wayne and Catherine will personally show you their private world where you will learn how they live in this remote off-the-grid and share dinner on the dock while you hear their stories.

Pricing: varies according to length of stay and other adventures selected – BOOK NOW!